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California Soft Cloths are made of pure 100% cotton twill weave, which makes for an incredibly absorbent, durable, lint-free car cleaning product. Soft Cloths are superior for removing smudges, dust, oil, and grease from your paint’s surface. The twill-weave cloth fiber construction penetrates and absorbs all particles to give a deep-down shine without scratching your valuable paint’s surface. Soft Cloths are professional-quality car cleaning products. You may wash the cloth repeatedly and witness the cloth quilting up nicely, becoming even more effective, absorbent, and softer over time as you use and wash it – resulting in the best car cleaning car product you’ve ever used. Soft Cloths just continue to get better with each and every wash!

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CALIFORNIA SOFT CLOTHZ has prided themselves in providing you with the most innovative car cleaning products. Our car cleaning products are hand-made of the finest detailing material for you cars needs. We have put together the most functional and sought after designs for the "do it yourself" car enthusiasts. CALIFORNIA SOFT CLOTHZ is providing the perfect material with the added features and unique designs that are not offered by any other car cleaning company.

  • California Soft Clothz are made of a premium 100% soft cotton twill weave.
  • California Soft Clothz quilt up nicely to a durable lint free car cleaning product.
  •  California Soft Clothz are manufactured to with stand an abundant amount of use.
  • California Soft Clothz exclusively constructed material is developed to break down into a premium car cleaning product.
  •  California Soft Clothz is a quality, long lasting, gets better with use product.
  • More that you wash California Soft Clothz the better they become.


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